Hawaiian Visions Birds

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Egret Evidence 5123
[Egret Evidence 5123] This photograph was taken in the Kawainui Marsh on the windward side of O'ahu. This wildlife preserve is a flood control for the town of Kailua, a bustling town of Hawai'i. Home to more than 60 species of birds and fish, the marsh is surrounded by ancient heiau (Hawaiian Temples). Stilts, Coots, Ducks, Moorhen, Pigeons, Egrets and Black Crowned Night Herons are common and most are unbothered by the nearby city and photographers.
Heron Hiding 6396
[Heron Hiding 6396] These Black Crowned Night Heron are large birds and although this one seems to be hiding, I was able to get within 3 feet and was ignored. The heron are nocturnal and rather mellow and inactive during the day. This bird was actually found in the adjacent Hamakua marsh.
Bromeliad Bird 2110
[Bromeliad Bird 2110] While shooting this 10 foot high massive Bromeliad in the Foster Botanical Garden, located in downtown Honolulu, I was pleasantly surprised as a bird flew in to land. The finch posed for me for about three minutes then flew away. When I viewed the pictures on my computer, I was amazed when I realized that the colors of the bird exactly matched the colors of the plant.
Hunting Heron 1837
[Hunting Heron 1837] This active bird was found in the gardens of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel in Waikiki rather than some marsh or wilderness area. There are many other birds in the Hilton gardens and they stay active and seem to be happy to live within the hotel area.
Pheasant Poser 3304
[Pheasant Poser 3304] This bird and many others of his kind are found in the Kipuka Puaulu Special Ecological Area located above the small town of Volcano about 30 miles upslope from Hilo on the island of Hawai'i. This area is in a Kipuka (an area of higher land and older vegetation that is surrounded by more recent lava flows from giant Mauna Loa volcano). There is a beautiful 1.2 mile loop trail of gentle inclines and declines through the interior of the kipuka.
Swimmer 6922
[Swimmer 6922] This brightly colored duck and many other varieties are found commonly throughout the islands of Hawaii. They may be found wherever there is water; whether on highly urban yet beautiful O'ahu (population just under one million) or within wilderness areas on the less populated islands like Kaua'i, Moloka'i, Lana'i and Hawai'i.
Egret Prowl 5379
[Egret Prowl 5379] This very active bird was chasing lunch when I discovered him and although I was only 25 feet away, ignored my shooting and continued his pursuit of something edible. Egrets are found worldwide and males are easily identified by the tan plumage on their backs.
Moorhen Reflection 4151
[Moorhen Reflection 4151] Moorhen are very common in the Kawainui and Hamakua marshes. They are quite wild birds that are habituated to people and eager to chase tourists or local visitors for a treat. The distinctive bright red-orange beak makes them easy to spot and their habit of approaching people increase the chances of getting a good photo.