Hawaiian Visions Night

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Fireworks Lion 5087
[Fireworks Lion 5087] This photo was taken from my deck of the Independence Day display 4 1/2 miles distant. This is a great demonstration of my 16-300 zoom Tamron telephoto lens. On an APC camera this is the equivalent of 24-450mm due to the smaller sensor size. Typically I use a tripod and expose for 10 or 15 seconds at f16. This gives the firewords time to show trails and add to the beauty and the interest of the picture. When I reviewed the photo on my 24 inch monitor I was surprised to note that the fireworks looked like the face of a roaring male lion with a mane made of explosive fire trails.
Crescent Night 5377-B
[Crescent Night 5377-B] This is another photo from our deck looking southwest across the lower valley to the edge of downtown Honolulu on the right. Waikiki is on the far left. In the lower foreground the lights of the Manoa Mall shopping center shine. The university of Hawai'i at Manoa is hidden behind the Punahou hill in the right center of the photograph. Manoa translates to mean broad and is one of the largest valleys in the entire state of Hawai'i.
Waikiki Moon 6084
[Waikiki Moon 6084] This photo was an exercise in camera steadiness. Although the camera does have stabilization built in, it is not the latest version that also includes yaw and pitch. I was able to get this shot at 1/10th @ f4.5 and 1600 ISO by leaning against a wall and using gun technique to hold my breath, let a little out and squeezing the shutter smoothly. I do not shoot anything but a camera, as my mental process is focused on design and sharing of the beauty of nature. Fortunately, the wind was light that evening and the palm fronds did not blur even at the low shutter speed. Although that might have made a better picture.
Thai Pavillion 2246
[Thai Pavillion 2246] In 1967, as a warm gesture to extend goodwill and cultural understanding, their magisties King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit of Thailand dedicated a traditional Sala or pavilion to the East-West Center on the campus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu. This pavilion was one of only four Sala outside of Thailand to bear the royal seal and the only one personally dedicated by the king.
Morning Moonset 5427
[Morning Moonset 5427] This photo could be called a 'Study in Blue' but was actually taken at about five-thirty in the morning as a November day was about to begin. The moon is a glowing orange luminary due to atmospheric interference and is slowly sinking into the warm tropical sea. The secondary color combination of the valley lights and the moon contrast with the strong blue of the twilight. It is easy to forget how far south the Hawai'ian islands are located; south point on the big island of Hawai'i is almost even with Mexico city.
Manoa Moonrise 5573
[Manoa Moonrise 5573] A time exposure of 6 seconds @ f9.5, ISO 800 was effective in rendering this photo of the rising moon and Venus. It was just a few minutes after eight pm when the moon cleared the mountains in the back of the valley and backlit the clouds without washing out the moon and planet. The trees form a frame and add depth to the picture.
July Fourth 5108
[July Fourth 5108] This is the finale of a fireworks display on Magic Island on the south shore of O'ahu. The photo was taken at f22 @ 6 seconds ISO 200. The highrise buildings on the edge of Waikiki are silhouetted help to give scale to the size of the firework explosions.
Hawaii Christmas 9151
[Hawaii Christmas 9151] Christmas in Hawaii is celebrated much like any mainland city with decorated trees in homes and a big display by the city downtown. In this photo of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, please note the bare feet and Santa's big 'Shaka' wave (index and little finger extended other fingers down, with a rocking motion to indicate "howzit brah" a traditional friendly greeting. Also note the bag of poi (a starchy staple of the Polynesian diet made from Taro roots) resting on the green turtle's back at the foot of the tree.